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Paweł Dworzak, President of the Polish University Hockey Association (PUHA), had the honor to participate in an extraordinary event – the 2024 ACHA Annual Membership Meeting, which took place in picturesque Nashville, Tennessee, from May 9 to May 11, 2024. It was not just an ordinary meeting but a true celebration for everyone involved in collegiate ice hockey.

During the ACHA meeting, participants had the opportunity not only to attend seminars and workshops but also to meet prominent figures from the world of ice hockey, including coaches, players, and executives. It was an excellent opportunity for exchanging ideas, establishing new contacts, and getting acquainted with the latest trends and innovations in the field.

This year’s ACHA meeting was exceptional not only because of its rich program but also because of its new location in Nashville, which opened up numerous educational and entertainment opportunities for conference attendees. In the evening, everyone had the chance to take advantage of transportation organized by ACHA to explore the charms of the city, such as the Nashville Predators’ ice rink – Bridgestone Arena or a stroll down the famous Broadway.

For the Polish University Hockey Association (PUHA), participation in the ACHA meeting is not only an important step in building relations with international partners but also an opportunity to promote ice hockey in Poland and increase its popularity among young sports enthusiasts. Events like the ACHA Annual Membership Meeting are extremely important for the global ice hockey community because they enable the exchange of best practices, the building of cooperation, and the support of the development of this exciting sport at various levels, from collegiate to professional.

The President of PUHA emphasized that it was an unforgettable adventure that not only allowed for the exchange of knowledge and experiences but also strengthened international ties in the world of collegiate ice hockey. It is also an excellent impetus for further development of ice hockey in Poland and for seeking new opportunities for collaboration with international partners. With the conclusion of this extraordinary event, the ice hockey communities eagerly await further opportunities for meetings, knowledge and experience exchange, and the continuation of building strong international relationships that will foster the development of this dynamic sport worldwide.

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