Małopolska Winter Cup II 2023: Final of the tournament!

Three days full of passion, fierce competition and emotions – the Małopolska Winter Cup II 2023
hockey tournament turned out to be an unforgettable celebration for hockey lovers from various
corners of Europe.

The UMB hockey team started the tournament impressively, defeating the Philosophers Nitra team
7:2 in a spectacular match. UHT Sabers and Gladiators Trenčín also did not disappoint, displaying
extraordinary skills during a fierce duel. The second day of the event brought equally intense
moments, with the Gladiators Trenčín team maintaining their impressive winning streak. On the last
day, Gladiators won their third victory, defeating the UMB hockey team 4:3 in a match full of twists
and interesting situations. Thus, they won the title of Małopolska Winter Cup II 2023 Champion.
UHT Sabers also did not disappoint, winning 4:2 over Philosophers Nitra and taking the honorable
second place in the tournament. Third place went to the UMB hockey team, and fourth place to
Philosophers Nitra.

All teams that took part on the first day of the tournament deserve great recognition for the
professionalism, dedication and passion they put into the game. Each match provided the fans with
a lot of fun, and the atmosphere on the ice rink was filled with sportsmanship. We would like to thank all of the players and fans for your support and presence! We would like to express our special thanks to the Titular Partner of the event – the Małopolska Voivodeship and the other partners – the Oświęcim City Hall and the Małopolska State University. named by Cpt. Witold Pilecki in Oświęcim.

We are looking forward to the next editions of the Małopolska Winter Cup!

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